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Privacy Policy for customer reviews

This Privacy Policy is an annex  to the Terms and Conditions of Use of Youvia and must be considered to be supplementary to the

Disclaimer & Privacy and Cookies Disclaimer & Privacy- and Cookie Statement policy of Youvia bv. This Privacy Policy utilises the definitions set out in Article 1 of the Terms and Conditions of Use. The Privacy Policy is applicable to all Personal Data of Users that we process within the context of our Service.

By posting a Review and clicking  the ‘Send’ button, you provide your consent to the processing of your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

We advise you to read this Privacy Policy carefully and to retain a copy  for your own records.

1. The Processor

The party responsible for processing the personal data is:

Youvia bv

Herikerbergweg 88

1101 CM Amsterdam

Tel: +31 (0)13 7009709

Chamber of Commerce number: 27198207.

The data protection officer may be contacted by email at:

2. Which data does Youvia process and for what purpose?

2.1     Youvia processes the Personal Data that the User provides when posting the Review on the Website. This relates to the following Personal Data: name, city where the User resides , email address (mandatory).

2.2           The Personal Data provided  by you and any other information that you have provided on the Website are    used for the execution of the agreement and more specifically for the following purposes:

(i)                             (i) your name and place of residence  are provided - together with the Review - to the Company that is the subject of  the Review;

(ii)                            (ii) the Review is published - together with your first name and your place of residence - on the website of the Company and on                        the website and in search engines of the partners, advertised by Youvia; Your emailadress will not be published.

(iii)                          (iii) Your name and email address may be used to  deal with questions and/or complaints, for the                                          provision of information that you requested and in order to contact you in the case of any complaints or                 questions about your Review.

2.3                 Youvia cannot rule out the possibility that the Company will link the Personal Data included in the Review to the Company’s own customer information and       in doing so find out that the Review was provided by you. Please note that the Company may contact you as a result of the Review    .

2.4                 During the period that your Review is published via our Service, your Personal Data will be retained             and processed by us. We will delete your Personal Data when and as soon as your Review is deleted.

2.5                 Youvia may anonymize the Personal Data and subsequently use it in aggregated and anonymised form within the context of             the Service (i) for research purposes and (ii) in order to be able to optimise the Service.

2.6                 Youvia also processes IP addresses of Users via the Website. This data is solely used to    check whether the Service is being used in a lawful manner and for example to rule out that the User is not placing multiple Reviews about              the same Company. After a period of 3 months this data will then be deleted or anonymized.

3. Rights of access, rectification, erasure, and questions about complaints

3.1           You can submit a request to our customer service ( to access receive,rectify or erase your Personal Data. Upon your request we will also pass on any rectified Personal Data to the Company that published           your Review. . In all cases, we will start processing your request   without undue delay and will in all cases inform you within     one month of receipt of your request about the follow-up action we have taken in respect of your request. In case we decide not to   grant your request, we will always provide you with an explanation to  our decision..

3.2           If you wish  to lodge an objection to the processing or further processing of your Personal Data as referred to in Article 2 , you       can also  contact our customer service ( We will examine the objection without undue delay and in any           case within one month of receipt  and  in the meantime, will delete the Personal Data in question.

3.3           Possible rectifications, erasures or other restrictions on the use of your Personal Data will be       processed in your Review and will be passed on to the Company that published your Review.

3.4           In case you have any complaint about the way in which we process your Personal Data or process  your requests, you can             contact  our data protection officer ( If this does not lead to a satisfactory solution        , you can  utilise your right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority ( or else submit an appeal to the competent court.

3.5           Any other questions or comments about this Privacy Policy may be submitted to our customer service          (

4. Amendments

This Privacy Policy is subject to amendment. Any such amendments will be published on the Website. We advise you to consult the Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

5. Transfer of an undertaking

Should Youvia transfer one or more parts or assets of its business (including the Service) to a third party,  the associated Personal Data and other data may also be transferred to this third party. Should this situation occur,  this fact will be published  on the Website. If you do not agree with this transfer, you may terminate the Service or request us to delete your Personal Data.


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